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For the company's future development and sustainable profitability, YML set up a science and technology building in Fengxian Section of Zhangjiang Hii-Tech park, which is composed of R&D center, technology center, testing lab and Post-Doctoral workstation, and can comprehensively control R&D planning and ensure product quality.

This clear strategy marks our prompt and powerful action in the aspect of supplying lighting products and value-added service, which made us step ahead in the competition.

Our R& D: Under the close cooperation with our salesmen and marketing staff who know cutomer’s need well and engineers familiar with YML’s products and technologies, we set out R&D projects for our R&D center. Based on the open innovation strategy, we also maintain close cooperation with many world's leading universities and research institutions. By joining innovative forces, we bring more innovative products to the market more faster and effectively in order to accelerate the process of serving customers.

Our design: Meeting customers' needs and desires must be based on the genuinely understanding.Therefore,our design team always listen to customer’s desire as much as possible. Based on this understanding, our diversified design team can provide real lighting solutions in accord with customers’ requirements to enhance business value.

We try to provide a challenging and reward-driven working environment and create more opportunity for our researchers to make use of their skills, knowledge and innovation potential. It is good for themself, but also beneficial to the company. We encourage individual action and enterprise behavior. And many more cultural and skilled scientists and engineers are paving the way for increasing customers and investors’ values.

R&D is essential to our success.

We set up R&D center in Shanghai and established our own product quality testing lab in Zhejiang factory, and put a great sum of earnings into R&D.

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