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Quality Managment Organization Chart

QC Section:

Responsible for the incoming material inspection ( Before putting into production, QC should make sure the qualified materials ) and acceptance QC must ensure the qualified products;
Taking the main responsibility and the relevant acceptance QC also needs to take some responsibilities.

Production Department:

Responsible for the product quality control in the course of production.
Improving product choiceness rate, increasing production volume and reducing the raw material loss;
Liable for the production process of nonconforming product (The directors in charge of their each workshop take the mainly responsibility, so do the relevant QC;
Operators conduct self and mutual checking.

Technical department:

Responsible for the product technology research and development and technical support offered to the other departments;
To decide whether can" make a concessions to pass" for the corresponding product with unqualified material;
Responsible for the product improvements;
Taking the main responsibility for the quality problem induced by the products design.

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